How do you choose the right all inclusive resort?

Are all resorts the same? No way Jose! Over the years, after staying at dozens of all -inclusive resorts all over the world from Mexico, Belize, the Caribbean, Fiji and Africa, I have come to the conclusion that not one is the same. Once known for tacky wristbands and long buffet lines, all-inclusive resorts have steadily undergone an image change and targeting upscale clientele with their luxury amenities. The resorts will offer amenities ranging from private plunge pools to butler service to fine dining options.

The two main reasons for people choosing an all-inclusive resort are convenience and value. It is a great value since it will include all your meals, drinks, watersports, land sports, and tipping.  You will know exactly how much you will spend before you travel. You won’t have to open your wallet once you arrive because it will be paid in full before you leave home. It is so convenient because you won’t have to think too much as the restaurant options, children’s programs scuba diving, golf course are all located right on site. All-inclusive resorts are for everyone: couples, families, girlfriend getaways, family reunions, bachelor groups, destination weddings, and corporate company incentives.

How do you choose the right one?

  1. Name your three main priorities for your resort. What is most important to you? The location, unique room categories, size of resort, atmosphere of resort, fine dining selections, adult’s only, family-friendly, a golf course on site, scuba diving included, children’s programs? Once you narrow down your three main preferences for your resort it is easy to find the right one for you.
  2. The room category will determine your locale.  Do you desire a luxury room with a private plunge pool and butler service? Or do you want a bungalow on the beach?  Or does your family of five need connecting rooms? Certain resorts will have certain unique room categories, so dream big and let us know what you really want for your room.
  3. Special Services or activities included. Do you want a nanny for your children? Children’s programs for three year olds as well as activities for teenagers? Golf and scuba diving included, destination wedding services, romantic dinners on the beach. Whatever your special needs there is an all-inclusive resort perfect for you.
  4. Atmosphere and Size. Whether you are a couple seeking a quiet, boutique property with lots of privacy or a family seeking a large resort with a wave pool or dolphin encounter, your all inclusive resort can deliver exactly what you need. The atmosphere can definitely make or break your vacation so best to choose the right resort for the type of atmosphere that you want.
  5. Your pre-determined budget. All-inclusive resorts can range from $150/night all the way to $2500 plus per night. Whatever your pre-determined budget there is a resort to fit your needs.

What we do is match the correct all inclusive resort to the right destination for you based on your preferences and pre-determined budget. We specialize in luxury vacations at a cost you can afford.

Margi Arnold, CTC, President


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