Luxury European Vacations

How do you decide which European country is perfect for your luxury European vacation?

Entrust a luxury-travel consultant who knows the most romantic European getaways and the best European family vacations. Enjoy a small group tour or your own private tour designed just for you.

Specializing in luxury resort vacations, adventure/active vacations, historical sightseeing and food and wine tours, and cruise/yacht vacations, your luxury European vacation will be tailor-made for you to your exact specifications.

Contacct Margi to plan your most gratifying luxury Europe vacation yet, almost too extraordinary to be believed!

Why spend your holiday in Europe? The motivations are many!

  • Tour the Tuscany region of Italy for amazing wine and food
  • Sail the islands of Croatia and Greece
  • Visit the cathedrals and museums of Spain and Italy
  • Indulge and relax in luxury resorts and lodges
  • Hire a private guide to explore the countryside
  • Fall in love again in Paris—the most romantic city
  • Explore France’s vineyards
  • Cycle the countryside of France, Italy or Spain
  • Experience different and diverse cultures
  • Study centuries-old architecture
  • Discover multiple layers of history, everywhere you look
  • Sample magnificent, old-world beers
  • Splurge on world-class shopping
  • Immerse yourself in art
  • Click your heels on cobblestone streets
  • Gaze upon old-world ruins and castles
  • Wander through towns and villages with sidewalk cafes, window boxes and fountains
  • Float along the mesmerizing canal networks of Venice and Amsterdam
  • Delight in the ambiance and languages of the old countries

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Troy & Holly

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Ryan T.

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Kyle & Michele

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"Our trip to Italy was phenomenal and you did an amazing job!"


Important information for your luxury European vacation:

Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Your passport must be valid for at least three months past the time you will complete your travel or you will be denied entrance to Europe. Citizens from the U.S. do not need a visa to travel in the European countries, including the United Kingdom, as tourists for three months or less.  Government officials require information about where you are staying, whom you will be visiting while in their country and proof of return travel or continued travel outside of their country.


From credit cards and ATM cash machines to traveler’s checks and exchange rates, you’ll want to do your currency homework about the European countries you will be visiting. Learning more about The Euro, other European currencies and tipping customs will make your vacation more enjoyable with fewer monetary surprises.


The wattage is higher in Europe, so bring an outlet converter for any American-specific appliances.

Travel with complete peace of mind.

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