5 Reasons to Travel to Columbia

Columbia is not always the first country people think of when planning a vacation to South America.   However, I recently returned from a Columbian vacation and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip.  Here are 5 reasons to consider a Columbia vacation. 1. Columbia is a...

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Vail Ski & Snowboard Vacations

Skiing is one of my passions and I am fortunate to live so near one of the best skiing destinations in the US – Vail, Colorado. Typically, the ski season opens mid-November and runs through until April, but even in the off season there is lots of adventure to be had...

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Staycation in Aspen

Recently I enjoyed a staycation IN Aspen and I was reminded that you don’t always have to travel halfway around the world for some fun, relaxation, and adventure! While in Aspen, I stayed at the beautiful Fausching Haus Condominiums which is located near the base of...

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Breathtaking Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the best-known archeological site in South America and for many, a visit to this long-lost Inca city is the highpoint of their excursion to Peru. For me, it was another adventure to check off my bucket list! The history and purpose of Machu Picchu...

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Experience Europe without the Crowds

Are you an adventurer that likes to go off the beaten path and away from the flocks of tourists? Leave popular hotspots like France and Italy behind and experience authentic European culture in these underrated European destinations.   Experience the same types of...

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Tanzania Safari

I have already shared my safari experiences in Uganda and Kenya with you. But did you know, during that same once-in a-lifetime trip I also visited Tanzania? And much like Uganda and Kenya, Tanzania did not disappoint! Tanzania is best known the annual great migration...

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