While most honeymoon vacationers may flock to Kauai for their pristine beaches and breathtaking sunsets, there’s also plenty for adventure seekers.

If your idea of romance includes an hour long hike through rain forest or riding a helicopter across  a tropical paradise, the Garden Island offers an abundance of experiences, sure to exhilarate your senses.

Share an awesome Kauai Honeymoon adventure with the one you’ve vowed to spend the rest of your life with.

Go for a Kauai Honeymoon Hike

If you like the idea of adventure a lot more than actually doing it, you can start with one of Kauai’s hiking trails that range from novice to challenging. Along the hundreds of miles of trails, explore rain forest, canyons, valleys, and hidden waterfalls.

Adventure Thrills Kauai Syle

Looking for something a little more daring? There are a number of exciting ways to see beautiful Kauai on your honeymoon. Navigate through scenic routes on your own All Terrain Vehicle.  Many parts of the island, known for their exceptional beauty, have been the backdrop for movies such as Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Does your perfect romantic getaway include a ride in the sky together? Helicopter tours offer a once-in-lifetime opportunity to view this spectacular island. If you prefer to stay a little closer to land, try a zipline. Glide across waterfalls and traverse tree tops to get up close and personal with this tropical paradise.

Kauai Honeymoon

Surf’s Up on Your Kauai Honeymoon

Climb into a kayak for a relaxing paddle or join one of Kauai’s longer tours of the coastline for a more adventurous honeymoon experience. Couples looking to try something new can take up surfing. Learn from a professional instructor the art of riding the wave.

If you’re a true nature lover, scuba diving may be the choice for you. Consider a nighttime scuba dive with your loved one for a shared experience you’ll never forget.

Time to Relax

One of the best parts of an adventure-filled day is the relaxing evening that follows. Kauai honeymoons offer the perfect end to your day. For a more exotic finish, consider attending a Luau where you and your loved one can enjoy the rhythm of the islands and a Polynesian cocktail as you talk about your one-of-a-kind experiences. For a more intimate conclusion to your day, enjoy a quiet dinner and walk along the beach. Watch the breathtaking sunset hand-in-hand to create everlasting memories of your Kauai honeymoon.

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