Traveling to Mexico during Covid

Here is what you need to know when traveling to Mexico during Covid

Step 1:

Highly recommend getting a covid test prior to departure. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR MEXICO, just a good practice.

Step 2:

Fill out the tourist card online prior to travel OR fill it out on the plane. Make sure to keep the bottom half as it’s needed for the departure flight. This is not a new covid requirement but has always been around.

Step 3:

Before the trip or during the trip, pay the new Mexico Tourist Tax and download the voucher to show at the airport prior to departure. This can also be purchased with cash at the airport (224MXN per person over 15 years of age)

Step 4:

Make an appointment for your covid test upon check in to the resort

Step 5:

When (hopefully negative) covid test results are received, if possible upload them to the airline’s app, and if available, fill out the attestation form. If not possible on the airline’s app, make sure to have a printed copy of the results with the name as it appears on the passport and birthdate correct. If the attestation form is not on the airline’s app, print the form and fill it out and bring it with you for departure: ATTACHMENT A: PASSENGER DISCLOSURE AND ATTESTATION TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Print-only) (

Step 6:

12 hours or less prior to departure, fill in the health questionnaire and screenshot or save the QR code. It is necessary to do a quick registration on the website: