With the updated CDC guidance on COVID testing for international travelers, what does that mean for Mexico?

As of Jan 26th, the US updated travel requirements such that any international traveler must present a negative COVID test result for a test taken within 72 hours prior to entering the US. I immediately realized this would impact the many clients whom I have helped book on trips to Mexico, so I feverishly began to research what this new guidance would mean for travelers. What I found was amazing.

The resorts in Mexico immediately responded to this updated guidance. They adjusted their policies and procedures to make the process as simple as possible for their guests. Through my research, I found many of the resorts started offering COVID testing on-site, and often free of charge. Not only did they offer tests, but most also offered a solution for quarantine in the event a guest tested positive. They made it easy to continue to travel to Mexico.

A Covid test being performed at a hotel in Mexico.

A Covid test being performed at the hotel in Mexico.

On my most recent trip, I stayed at The Fives Beach Resort and Residence in Playa del Carmen. At this resort, they offered a free Antigen Covid test for guest stays of 4 nights or longer, AND these tests were provided directly on the property. The process was organized, the test took 5 minutes, and the results were immediate. The written paperwork required by the US/airlines arrived later that day via email, and the hotel provided us a printed version at our request. If anyone would have tested positive, the resort would transfer the patient to one of their alternate facilities where the resort would provide food and lodging for 14 days along with on-site medical care. The entire process was seamless, easy, and an overall positive experience.

As expected, my results and my traveling companions were all negative.

As a travel professional I would offer three pieces of advice to support stress-free travel during this time:

  1. Work with your travel professional to confirm how your resort is handling the testing process and costs
  2. Take a COVID test prior to departure to Mexico to ensure you are not unintentionally carrying the virus as you head south
  3. Upon arrival at the resort, it is best to book your Covid test immediately to get the date and time you want with plenty of time to receive the results.

The resort areas of Mexico continue to impress me with their diligent response to COVID-19. They increased their cleaning protocols immediately, support a diligent mask policy, consistently use hand sanitizer for any interaction between staff and travelers, and now provide solutions to support testing and quarantine as needed. They continue to give me confidence in the safety of travels to these regions.

Happy and safe travels and remember travel is good for the Soul!

Travel with Confidence

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