Truly one of the best travel and hiking experiences of my life. Petra is one of the most magical places on Earth! Located amid rugged desert canyons and mountains, the city of Petra is carved directly into sandstone cliff faces.  It was once a thriving trading center but it sat empty and near ruins for centuries.  In the 1800s a European traveler in a Bedouin costume crept into the city.

Petra Vacation

If some the pictures seem familiar, it is because you may have seen some of the city in scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

plan a vacation touring The lost City of Petra, Jordan

In the movie, the fictional Canyon of the Crescent Moon was modeled after the eastern entrance to Petra, known as the Siq. The Siq gorge stands between 300-600 feet high and is no more than 10 feet wide for the just over 1.2 miles it takes to reach the city.  It is breathtaking!

Here are a few can’t miss highlights from The Lost City of Petra:

The Treasury – The first thing that you see when you reach the end of the Siq is the treasury. One of the most elegant remains of the ancient world, the Treasury is carved out of solid rock and stands over 130 feet high. You can’t go inside but you can get close and view the tombs below.

Street of Facades – This walkway is made up of various cutouts weathered by the elements and time. It is fun to imagine the trade, the entertainment and the way the facades would have looked.

The Theater – The small theater is carved out of the pink stone, right into the wall.  You are not allowed to enter the theater, but there is a viewing platform that will let you get an unobstructed view.

Royal Tombs – One of the coolest places to see, the Royal Tombs is stunning. Climb to the top for a fabulous view of the whole lost city.

The Monastery –  The Monastery might even be more impressive than the Treasury. It is similar in design to the Treasury, but it is much larger (and much less decorated).

Petra is one of the top new Seven Wonders of The World and it is easy to see why! Here are a few fun pics captured along my magical journey in Petra.

Riding Camels in Petra, Jordan

Margi in Petra


On our hike thru Petra, our guide Zuhair Zuriqat presented our group with a rare opportunity to visit the home of the ONLY Bedouin to be granted by the King to live in Petra since 1985. He is quite the local celebrity with plenty of fun stories! Thank you Zuhair Zreqat for being our Indiana Jones and making our day so special.

our guide Zuhair Zuriqat

our Petrah, Jordan guide Zuhair Zuriqat

Ready to explore The Lost City of Jordan?

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