Adventure travel should be more than just a vacation. It is an opportunity to get to know your world better by exploring the people, places, and things that make the world amazing!

G Adventures (formerly Gap Adventures) is a small-group adventure travel company founded in Toronto, Ontario. It now boasts 28 offices around the world and have been recognized on of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and was honored with an Edison Award for Social Impact.

G Adventures offers more than 700 different adventure vacations to more than 100 countries! There is bound to be something that interests you!  I have had the pleasure of traveling with G Adventures 4 times (Peru, Jordan, Galapagos & Iceland)….and Morocco  to come in May 2019.

Small Group Adventures to Suit Your Travel Style

All G Adventures tours are full of adventure, but the experiences are based around common themes so you will find a tour that will fit just right.

  • Private Groups – Round up some friends and family for a private adventure vacation to a destination of your choice.
  • Classic Tours – Meet new people on a mix of uncommon experiences, cultural immersion and the best must-sees on your adventure vacation!
  • Nation Geographic Journeys – Greater hands-on exploration and insider access with upgraded accommodations.
  • Active Tours – Hike, bike, kayak and more for active travelers who like to move!
  • 18-to-Thirtysomethings Tours – A fun-filled and fast moving adventure vacations for travelers aged 18-39
  • Wellness Tours – Explore the exotic destinations while enjoying, yoga, meditation and healthy eating.
  • Marine Tours – Explore some amazing destinations on a small ship
  • Family Tours – Adventure vacations specially designed for families with children
  • Local Living Tours – Immerse your self in local culture to experience destinations as the locals do.
  • Rail Tours – Travel your destination via iconic and scenic rail routes.

NAtional Geographic Adventure Vacations

Incredible Destinations for a Small Group Adventure Vacation

With over 700 tours the possibilities for your small group adventure vacation are endless!

• Asia Tours
• Europe Tours
• South America Tours
• Africa Tours
• Central America and the Caribbean Tours
• North Africa & Middle East Tours
• North America Tours
• Australia and New Zealand Tours
• Arctic and Antarctic Travel

Highlighted Adventure Vacations from G Adventure

Jane Goodall Adventure Vacations | Small Group Adventures around the world.

Jane Goodall Collection Adventure Vacations
Choose from 20 incredible, wildlife-focused tours endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall. You will experience some of the planet’s most fascinating animals in their natural habitat. From the Galápagos Islands to the Amazon, Uganda, and beyond!

Antarctica Adventure Vacations

Antarctica Cruises
Ready for the small group adventure vacation of a lifetime? Cruise through ice-choked waterways, trek through chattering penguin rookeries, or whale watch as minkes and humpbacks breach the waters. Join the small group of travelers who are fortunate enough to explore Antarctica’s vast expanses.

Australia Adventure Vacations

G’Day Mate! Explore Australia
Australia is a diverse paradise perfect for an adventure vacation! Explore pristine beaches, sprawling deserts, enormous forests, snow-capped mountains and coral reefs.

G Adventures – Top Small Group Adventure Destinations for 2019

G Adventures has identified the most amazing places waiting to be explored by you in 2019. No matter how you like to travel there is an small group adventure waiting for you!
1. Japan
2. Uzbekistan
3. Senegal
4. Taiwan
5. Northern Sri Lanka
6. Jordan
7. Iceland
8. Ethiopia
9. Italy
10. Patagonia
11. Bolivia
12. Ecuador and the Galápagos

Ready for an Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime?

Be sure to give luxury travel advisor, Margi Arnold a call to discuss your G Adventure vacation. With over 25-years’ experience in the travel industry Margi, is an expert that will help you personalize your trip and will ensure a worry-free vacation. Start by completing a vacation request or call Margi at 303-694-8786.

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