I have already shared my safari experiences in Uganda and Kenya with you. But did you know, during that same once-in a-lifetime trip I also visited Tanzania? And much like Uganda and Kenya, Tanzania did not disappoint!

Tanzania is best known the annual great migration when over a million wildebeest and zebra follow the fresh grasses across the open plains of the Serengeti. This makes for an incredible experience and you definitely wont want to forget your camera and you are sure to get some amazing, magazine worthy shots.

Tanzania Safari

There is so much more to enjoy in Tanzania:

  • incredible views of the Ngorongoro Crater
  • getting up close to the chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains
  • experience a game drive where you can expect to see cheetah, bat eared fox, black rhino, Maasai giraffe, lions, elephants, buffalo, and leopards.
  • climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Geographically Tanzania is very diverse and makes for majestic sunsets and breathtaking views. The north-east is home to Mount Kilimanjaro and is densely forested. The north-west is home to Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and Lake Tanganyika, the continent’s deepest lake. The eastern shore is hot and humid and The Kalambo waterfalls in the southwestern region of Rukwa are the second highest uninterrupted falls in Africa.

Tanzania Safari

Some of the highlights of my trip were:

Nomad Mkombe’s House – Mkombe’s House Lamai is the first and only true private house within the Serengeti National Park. The home has been designed to accommodate families and features secure children’s bedrooms, a plunge pool, a larger swimming pool, and private dining room and lounge. An In-house chef plans meals daily allowing for flexibility and choice from a menu loaded with fresh produce, home-baking, and delicious flavors.

Sayari Camp, Serengeti – The award-winning Sayari Camp is renowned for extraordinary wildlife sightings and supreme comfort. Recognized as very comfortable and stylish, the camp features fifteen guest rooms and a small swimming pool.

Singita – Singita is a conservation company that has been preserving African wilderness for over 20 years. With over 12 award-winning lodges and camps across South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Singita is able to partially fund the protection and preservation of pristine land and existing wildlife populations. I was fortunate to visit some of the Singita properties in Tanzania including Sasakwa, Sabora, Faru Faru, Serengeti House.

Ready for a trip of a lifetime?

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