Are you planning to travel during the pandemic?  Or maybe you are hoping to escape on a vacation as soon as things return to normal?   Either way, it is important to make sure your passport is valid.  Many countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your return date.

If your passport is expiring in the next year or so, now is the time to renew! Due to COVID, you can expect delays in the passport process.  What used to take 4-6 weeks, can now take 10-12 weeks, so plan ahead!  You may be able to pay for expedited services but these can still take 4-6 weeks.

How to Renew your Passport By Mail

If you meet certain conditions, you can renew your passport by mail.  During covid, this is recommended process because it is a safe, contactless option for some passport services.

You can renew your passport by mail if:

  • you have your existing undamaged passport in your possession
  • you 16 years or older when you were issued your passport
  • Your passport was issued within the last 15 years
  • your passport was issued in your current name. You may be able to renew online if you have supporting documents for the name change.

To renew your passport by mail you will need:

  • A completed DS-82 form.
  • Your most recent U.S. passport.
  • Name change documents (if necessary).
  • A passport photo
  • A check or money order for the fee.

For complete instructions on renewing your passport by mail visit the US State Department website.

How to Renew your Passport In Person

You can renew your passport at most acceptance facilities such as post offices, clerks of court, and libraries.   Be sure to call ahead as not all facilities are open and many may require an appointment.  You can find an acceptance office near you on the State Department website.

Travel with Confidence

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