Where does one begin when attempting to describe the perfect honeymoon?  How about the travel agent that got you there?  While surfing the web for a honeymoon in Bora Bora I came across Margi’s website.  After discovering that Bora Bora was slightly out of our price range, Margi promised she would find us a similar getaway, and boy did she pull through!

El Dorado! You may know it as the city of gold, but for us, it was worth so much more.  This all-inclusive member of the Karisma line was the perfect honeymoon spot. When they say give yourself at least 8 days, they mean it! You need time to try everything the resort has to offer; from the daytime activities to the nightly shows, from the gourmet restaurants to the amazing room service.  My wife and I stayed in the Casitas, where honeymooners and anniversary-travelers collected for the perfect getaway.  From the moment we arrived and were greeted by Adriana with champagne and cooling wet towels, we knew we made the right choice.  She, along with our concierge team members; Allen, Claudia, and Christian helped guide us into the perfect vacation.

But what do you really want to hear about? Cost right? Worth every penny!  You feel well rested, but don’t sleep past 8 am, so you get the most of every single day.  You choose how much you spend on excursions when you arrive, so you don’t have to commit pre-trip.  My wife and I read the testimonials before we went, just as you are, so we know what we found most important.  Is it really the best?  From what we’ve read and heard from other regular travelers, it most certainly is.  When you get through customs don’t forget to exchange some cash then walk straight outside, past everyone, until you see the people from Lomas, TEAL SHIRTS AND WHITE PANTS!  If you do decide to go with the Casitas, get to know the shuttle drivers and TIP WISELY.  That way you don’t have to walk more than you want to like you may have read on other testimonials.  If you get Juan as your poolside bartender, know that you are in great hands as everyone there wanted to bring him home with them.  Oh, and be prepared to come back!  Good Luck.  Thanks again for everything Margi!

Joe S.

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